Custody Type Guide For Grandparents

Taking over the upbringing of your grandchildren is a situation that many grandparents find themselves in. This could be as a simple short term solution, such as while a single parent finishes their own schooling, or a longterm or lifelong situation. While formal custody arrangements are often made, sometimes grandparents take over informally when the birth parents simply walk away from their responsibilities. This can lead to several challenges, which this guide can help you overcome.

3 Reasons To Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

For many drivers, traffic tickets are something that can be expected every few years. Eventually there will be some violation of driving laws, usually in the form of speeding or running a red light. Many drivers simply pay their ticket and go about their business. However, a traffic ticket at the wrong time can have some major drawbacks. Higher insurance rates and points on a license can be big issues after getting a ticket.

What To Do When Charged With DUI Out of State

Getting charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) crime outside your home state can be scary, but this doesn't mean you are doomed just because you aren't in your resident state. With only a few exceptions, you will need to handle the accusations just as you would in your home state. With that being said, here are three things to do to take care of your out-of-state DUI charges: 

Should You Get Divorced Or File For Bankruptcy First?

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy or getting divorced, the order these things are done in can have an impact on each other.  Factors such as the bankruptcy proceeding type and the timing related to when you file could cause a divorce to have different outcomes with the property you have.  Keep reading to understand why the order matters. Chapter 7 vs 13 A Chapter 7 bankruptcy only takes a couple months to complete, so this bankruptcy proceeding type could be completed before a divorce in most situations.

Want To Divorce An Incarcerated Spouse? Know These Things First

In many aspects, divorcing an incarcerated spouse is similar to divorcing a spouse who is free. For example, you still need to serve them the divorce papers and negotiate for your fair share of marital assets. However, there are some little-but-important details that you should know if planning to divorce a spouse in prison; here are three examples: Incarceration Can Be Grounds for Divorce Incarceration is valid grounds for divorce in some states.